Ministry of Higher Education & Training

Development of the skills required by the maritime sector is the key to unlocking South Africa’s ability to take full advantage of the economic growth opportunities presented by the maritime economy.

The challenge, however, is a shortage of both the required skills and appropriate qualifications.

There are gaps in both technical skills and advanced qualifications in specific areas. Although more than 300 maritime-related qualifications are registered across different types of education institution in South Africa, there is a lack of coordination, opportunities for articulation are often limited, and qualifications offered are not always responsive to industry needs.

SAIMI assists the education sector in responding to the needs of the maritime industry through sharing of information and facilitation of collaboration – both within the education sector and between education institutions and industry. The aim is to ensure that a coherent set of education and training programmes are offered, at appropriate levels, developing relevant skills and knowledge, and providing learners with clear education and career pathways.

In this way, SAIMI assists in reducing the shortage of priority and scarce skills, and act in support of the Department’s mission “to develop capable, well-educated and skilled citizens who are able to compete in a sustainable, diversified and knowledge-intensive international economy, which meets the development goals of our country”.