South African Maritime Safety Authority

In line with its mandate to promote South Africa’s maritime interests, SAMSA has taken a strategic approach to enhancing the country’s participation in the global maritime economy through capacity development in human resources, research and innovation.

SAMSA commissioned the Maritime Skills Development Study and convened the subsequent Skills Development Summit in 2011, which recommended investigating the establishment of a national maritime university or institute in order to close the skills gaps needed to build the national maritime economy.

The feasibility study, along with comprehensive stakeholder engagements, revealed a clear demand for

Skills to support the growth potential of the maritime sector;

A stronger mix of relevant qualifications that enable articulation from technical through to professional levels;

Co-ordination of education and research across isolated pockets of excellence; and

Avocacy on behalf of the sector in engagements with government on the policy framework to support growth in the maritime economy.

SAIMI is the result of that feasibility study.

SAMSA’s vision for SAIMI is for an independent organization – with a strong network of support and partnerships across industry, the education sector and government – that is able to rally cooperation and participation in growing the maritime sector. Specifically, SAMSA supports SAIMI in developing a coherent set of educational programmes that responds to the skills needs of the sector, and promoting collaboration amongst researchers to grow the knowledge base of the sector.

Although located for practical purposes in Nelson Mandela Bay, SAIMI will play a national role through its coastal and inland regional centres, responding to the specific needs and challenges of each region.