Ministry of Science & Technology

The Research, Innovation and Knowledge Management Navigation Chart for the maritime sector, developed for SAMSA and the DST by the CSIR, sets out the actions required to achieve the over-arching vision that “by 2030 South Africa is globally recognized as a maritime nation”.

The Navigation Chart was developed in the context of the National System of Innovation coordinated by the DST to support the development South Africa’s human capital, economic growth, employment creation, competitiveness, environmental sustainability and quality of life.

Stakeholders in the development of the Navigation Chart recognized the need for an institute such as SAIMI to be, constituted and operated by the maritime industry, to play a coordinating role amongst education and research institutions in order to strengthen collaboration, information-sharing and knowledge management.

It is envisaged that the development of regional maritime centres through SAIMI will be further linked to the development of innovation hubs and incubation centres to serve the research and development needs of the industry. SAIMI plays a pivotal role in linking education and research institutions to the needs of the private sector, and assisting in unlocking access to government funding and support programmes.

SAIMI assists in identifying industry needs for technological innovation to support growth of the sector, and position the South African maritime sector to participate in global maritime innovation.