Transnet plays a critical role in government’s drive to stimulate economic growth through infrastructure investment. Transnet’s Market Demand Strategy (MDS) signals a seven-year, R300-billion capital investment programme to expand South Africa’s rail, port and pipeline infrastructure by 2020 to support economic growth in line with the National Development Plan.

As much as Transnet’s growth is linked to and supports growth of the South African economy, the company is acutely aware of the need to develop the skills and technology to support this growth. The capital investment programme is accompanied by significant investment in skills development, and technology research and development.

Through the Transnet Academy, the company has prioritized skills development to promote a culture of high performance.

Transnet supports the development of local knowledge and skills to support its expansion programmes.

As the top-tier logistics and transport provider on the African continent, Transnet is committed to working with SAIMI to enable a local education, training and research response that positions South Africa on the global maritime stage.