Ministry of Transport

South Africa is a net consumer of the global supply of maritime services, and the maritime transport sector and its supporting services currently make a limited contribution to the national economy. The national Department of Transport aims to ensure that maritime transport forms part of an integrated and cost-effective transport infrastructure that supports socio-economic development. It further aims to ensure that a policy and legislative framework is in place that effectively promotes economic growth and job creation in the sector.

SAIMI’s research agenda and promotion of collaboration amongst industry and research institutions can assist the Department of Transport in developing policy and implementation strategies that are responsive to these needs.

As a coordinating body for maritime industry organisations, education institutions and government agencies, SAIMI plays a meaningful role in coordinating responses to policy developments, and facilitating industry-government engagement in support of economic development and job creation.

SAIMI is geared to facilitate multi-stakeholder engagement in developing the economic, human resources and skills development strategies required to support development of the maritime transport sector. Through its regional centres and networks, SAIMI engages with local and provincial stakeholders and facilitate the drawing down of national policy to local level.

SAIMI is further well positioned to facilitate coordination and cooperation between the South African maritime transport sector and role-players along the African coast to develop an integrated system that supports the goals of the 2050 AIM Strategy.