Our Services

SAIMI’s primary purpose is to facilitate linkages and collaboration amongst role players in maritime research, education and training in South Africa, and with similar institutes in Africa. The Institute plays a much-needed linking role between industry and educational institutions, with the aim to strengthen maritime education and research through facilitating co-ordination and co-operation among education providers.

It is a multi-disciplinary, multi-stakeholder institute active in all aspects of the maritime field, including shipping, harbours, manufacturing and construction, sustainability, environment, law, and marine tourism. SAIMI also links with industry and academia in marine and coastal sciences.

The Objectives of SAIMI

SAIMI’s objectives include:

  • Co-ordinate, promote and support the education, skills and research needs of the maritime sector.
  • Increase the quality of teaching, learning and research in the maritime sector. Support professional development in the maritime sector.
  • Facilitate international and African continental co-operation.
  • Broaden the range of education options to meet industry needs.