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  • African Maritime Leadership Conference- Creating Synergies and Collaborative Agendas
    Location: Port Elizabeth
    Dates: 2023-05-24 - 2023-05-26
    Times: -

    There has been strong political support for developing the ocean economy in Africa. The South African International Maritime Institute (SAIMI) explores avenues for strengthening the visibility and implementation of transforming Africa's ocean economy during the high-level African Conference, which will be taking place in Gqeberha, South Africa, from 24th– 26th May 2023.
    The goal of the Conference is to have action-oriented discussions pertaining to a sustainable ocean economy strategy that is people-centric with ocean-centric investments. The Conference intends to bring together policymakers, development partners, civil society and the private sector to share experiences and identify entry points for tapping the resources of the ocean economy for sustainable development of the economies.
    The Conference's central theme is Taking Africa's Ocean Economy and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development to the Next Level Through Policy, Collaboration and Education. The Conference will provide numerous opportunities for knowledge, idea and skills sharing, discussions, debates and networking. The Conference aims to find and explore synergies between various stakeholders to promote strengthening existing infrastructure and capacity to achieve various priorities.



    1. What strategies can be deployed to drive the ocean economy throughout Africa?
    2. How to improve and expand Africa's maritime infrastructures?
    3. How to foster meaningful partnerships between various stakeholders, including the industry?
    4. How to attract investments to develop Africa's ocean economy? 
    5. How to ensure that all stakeholders participate in the policy development process?
    6. How to harness ocean energy to enhance energy security? 
    7. How to improve multi-stakeholder dialogue between governments, regulators, and various stakeholders to fully harness and unlock the ocean economy to transform Africa's economy?
    8. How to collaborate to improve Africa's maritime sector's education, business and social development?



    • Experts in blue economy and sustainable development 
    • Industry players
    • Academia
    • Government and
    • Civil Society
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