July 09, 2024

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SA's young people know what they want and are keen to give back if they are granted opportunities to learn, grow and thrive

Among all the doom and gloom, we are bombarded with daily, it is nice to report that an international study found young South Africans among the most innovative in the world. It is also wonderful to report on our discussions with young people in the year SA celebrates 30 years of democracy. They speak frankly about their education and desire to plough back into society. These young people know what they want out of life and understand the importance of not forgetting the community they come from. Unemployment is one of the biggest problems facing SA.

In this publication, we ask important questions about the role of TVET colleges and Setas in creating technical skills that could help reduce our country’s jobless numbers. We explore the value of artisan training and its potential impact on the unemployment crisis, and we provide some tips for young people wishing to study in this direction.

We also focus on people with a particular disability, deafness, and the plans to train them to occupy important jobs in corporates. There are people actively trying to make a dent in our skills deficit and the high numbers of unemployed. However, they cannot do it on their own and need all the help they can get from government and the private sector.

Maybe some of our readers will be inspired to help after reading these stories.

Ryland Fisher, Editor 

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