July 03, 2024

Setting Sail with SAIMI

Your Ocean Adventure Awaits Like a beacon to everything ocean-related, SAIMI provides the gateway to exciting maritime careers!

SAIMI is a multi-disciplinary, multi-stakeholder institution active in all aspects of the maritime field, including shipping, harbours, manufacturing and construction, sustainability, environment, law, and marine tourism. SAIMI also collaborates with existing education institutions that offer post-school maritime courses, working closely to ensure the necessary job­-related skills and training are provided. 

The organization is guided by three key goals: advocacy for the ocean, skills development and education, as well as Research and Innovation. Through these goals, SAIMI plays a crucial role in the South African government's Operation Phakisa - Oceans Economy initiative, fast-tracking solutions to maritime challenges. 

Funded by the National Skills Fund (NSF) and hosted by Nelson Mandela University, SAIMI facilitates the development of skills required to ensure the success of the "Blue Economy" maritime economic development initiatives. These include the African Union's 2050 African Integrated Maritime Strategy and the South African government's Operation Phakisa initiative, which seeks to fast-track the implementation of solutions on critical development issues in the maritime sector. Under Operation Phakisa, SAIMI coordinates the efforts of seven skill­-focused groups, namely: 

    1. Aquaculture
    2. Marine Protection and Governance
    3. Maritime Transport
    4. Marine Manufacturing
    5. Offshore Oil and Gas Exploration
    6. Small Harbour Development
    7. Coastal and Marine Tourism

The Institute provides support through education programs, mentorships, awareness campaigns, and bursaries such as the Sindiswa Carol 'Tu' Nhlumayo Merit Bursary. This enables young black women to pursue undergraduate or postgraduate studies in maritime-related fields, ensuring that all South Africans benefit from the oceans economy. 

One such 1nit1at1ve is the National Seafarer Development Programme (NSDP). Managed by SAIMI, the NSDP is a comprehensive training program for South African seafarers. Through structured training like the National Cadet Programme (NCP), candidates gain valuable experience at sea and attain internationally recognized qualifications as deck officers, marine engineer officers, and electro­technical officers. With agreements with foreign and local shipping companies, cadets learn seamanship, safety culture, and practical ship maintenance, ensuring globally recognized qualifications. 

SAIMI further contributes to the development of businesses and cooperatives through enterprise and skills development initiatives, including education programmes, bursaries and mentorships. Additionally, SAIMI invests in innovation and technology and offers training and upskilling to South Africans interested in working in the sector. 

To foster Maritime Awareness, SAIMI has established a website and developed an APP to enable the youth to learn and participate in the maritime sector. At no cost and through easy steps, it is fairly easy to access DIVE IN, the instrument that ensures knowledge sharing and provides a fun and interactive platform showcasing careers in the maritime sector. 

Ready to Dive In? 
If you're eager to explore maritime careers, 
Dive In is your go-to resource. Check out our National Cadet Programme for an inside look at life at sea. Need more info? Contact us at: +27 41 5044038 or drop us an email at cadets@saimi.co.za. You can also visit our website at www.saimi.co.za or dive straight into career possibilities at www.divein.co.za/career/ national-cadet-programme 

Embark on your ocean adventure with SAIMl today! 

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