March 07, 2022

Discover Your Next Big Move By "Diving In"

A brand-new App is live and ready to connect users with a multitude of maritime career opportunities.

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The DIVE IN! MARITIME CAREER EXPLORATION App showcases study and career options in and around the oceans economy and is aimed at introducing South Africa’s youth to this exciting, yet largely unexplored field of study and work.

Early 2021, the South African International Maritime Institute (SAIMI) also launched a website with the same purpose - to equip the next generation for the future opportunities the Blue Economy has to offer. 

The website, which has received zero-rating on most network providers, offers information on Youth Development Programmes, Maritime events, competitions, links to secondary and tertiary institutions and a dedicated section on bursary opportunities. A Comprehensive Career Guide can also be downloaded from the site.

The DIVE IN MARITIME CAREER EXPLORATION website and App form part of a broader Maritime Awareness Programme initiated by SAIMI and key stakeholders to encourage the youth to not only dip their feet into the endless possibilities of career exploration in the maritime industry, but to “dive in” by getting immersed into a future career in the oceans economy.

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