May 12, 2020

SAIMI opens new headquarters

When SAIMI officially launched our new national headquarters in Port Elizabeth on International Day of the Seafarer (June 25), the team opted to mark the occasion by giving back to the seafaring community.

“Often such launches are marked by the handing out of corporate gifts to guests,” says SAIMI operations director Soraya Artman.

“We decided to dispense with that and to rather make a donation on behalf of each guest attending to the national Mission to Seafarers. Seafarers face many dangers, including piracy, which may mean that their ship does not safely reach port,” says Soraya.

“The Mission to Seafarers, through its Angels of Mercy centres in cities such as Port Elizabeth, Durban and Cape Town, helps seafarers stay in touch with their families while on long, sometimes dangerous, trips. It also ensures the safety and well-being of seafarers who face abandonment and homesickness.

“What better way to mark International Seafarers Day than through this gesture? It perfectly fits SAIMI’s vision of national, regional and international interaction and could become a legacy project which we will support annually.”

Approximately 100 guests at the opening were guided through SAIMI’s progress to date and plans for the future.

“We are thrilled to be operating from our first permanent home,” says SAIMI CEO Prof Malek Pourzanjani, adding that the base on Nelson Mandela University’s Ocean Sciences Campus will allow ease of collaboration and ease of access to the latest in maritime research.

“But this is just the beginning for us with our eventual aim being to have a presence in all South Africa’s coastal cities.

“In fact, there is already a satellite office at the Royal Cape Yacht Club in Cape Town, with the possibility of a Durban branch also being explored.

“This planned expansion will position us well to ensure that we continue to play a vital role in South Africa’s oceans economy.”

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